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Nutrition and Consistency is Key

It’s no secret that getting into the shape you want is hard. People often fall short of their goals – whether it’s fat loss, building endurance, or muscle gain – because they do not put enough effort into proper nutrition and staying consistent. Jeannie offers a custom macro program, which includes a nutritional consult where she can get to know her client, their lifestyle, their eating habits, and their goals and help create an individualized plan that is both realistic and sustainable. Additionally, she offers a monthly tracking program, in which she does bi weekly check-ins to address her client’s progress and any challenges or concerns they may have. This allows her to provide continued knowledge, guidance, and encouragement while also holding clients accountable for their own choices.

This requires the client to have access to a method of logging and tracking their daily food intake, such as the MyFitnessPal app. 

Custom Macro Program

The initial consultation is offered in person or over the phone. Jeannie will customize macros to the client and establish a plan to help them achieve their goals. This includes four weeks of check-ins. Follow up meetings to discuss questions and concerns are also available. 

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For Consult and Macro Program Inquiries, please include:

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